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Content Understanding

Facet recognizes and tracks content across your photoshoot. You have the power to alter, remove, or replace anything. It knows how to separate skin tones from backgrounds, while keeping your colors balanced and on-brand.

Photo: Ahmed Carter

Consistent Results

Match all your imagery project-wide. Facet unifies your edits automatically across different images. Save effort and easily give your whole project a consistent look & feel. Make bold changes quickly, without sacrificing nuance.

Photo: Nicole De Khors

Sharing & Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with your entire team. Facet brings everyone together to experiment and communicate more effectively. Subscribe to the latest from your artists & creatives, leave comments & notes and track content variations & art directions all from a single url.

Photo: Emily Reider

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Facet Vision

Facet empowers creatives of all stripes and makes visual aesthetics more accessible by connecting technology to human ingenuity at scale. Facet was founded in 2017 at South Park Commons. We’re based in SoMa, San Francisco.

Joe Reisigner — CEO

Joe is an engineer exploring the intersection of AI and human creativity. He holds a Ph.D. in machine learning from the University of Texas at Austin, worked at Google Research, and co-founded Premise.

Matt Stanton — CTO

Matt melds math & imagery. He holds a Ph.D. in computer graphics from Carnegie Mellon, worked at Pixar and Adobe, and co-founded Kinema, and led engineering at Operator.

Sophie Xie — Product Design

Sophie is a master of experience, imagination & interactivity. She holds a degree in cognitive science from UCLA, did UI/UX for Microsoft, and was a product designer for Lookout and Facebook.

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