A new way to create stunning visual content

Facet delivers world-class image editing that works the way you think: content aware retouching, batch edit, texture and style — all done in seconds, with critique and team collaboration built-in.

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Facet understands the meaning behind the pixels

Discover the best creative direction effortlessly.
Let Facet handle the details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Edit content, not pixels. To start editing, just click anywhere in the scene. Facet knows how to mask everything from clothing, hair and skintones to textures or quarter-tone luminance ranges.
Balance styles automatically with first-class batch editing. Perfect the look & feel once, then let Facet intelligently tailor it it to the rest of the shoot. Produce balanced, consistent, and on-brand results more quickly.
Facet learns from your workflow. Transfer edits to new images and projects, compare and merge creative directions and quickly communicate your ideas effortlessly to your team and clients.

Craft the defining visual experience

Facet provides advanced editing tools powered by vast libraries of photographic data. With pro editing, intelligent style transfer, and easy content discovery, you can quickly bring bold concepts to life without sacrificing nuance.

Powerful tools to help tell your story better

Pro Editing Facet brings a comprehensive set of color-grading and retouching tools directly to the browser. You can perfect lighting, content, layout, tone curves, palettes, textures, and more.
Style + Color Transfer Upload a piece of visual inspiration (or choose one of ours) and Facet will instantly transform your work to match the lighting, color palette, style, and mood.
Content Synthesis Use Facet's content-aware fill to make large changes look seamless. Whether cloning, removing, or replacing, Facet understands your content — not just the nearby pixels.
Publish Anywhere Every project is an API. Automatically generate image variations, connect your CMS or ad server to integrate your treatments for instant publishing, or provide hand-designed photo filters to your apps for everyone to enjoy.

One place for sharing and collaborating together

Keep everyone in sync—share and collaborate on projects, drafts, and revisions from anywhere on any device. Stay up-to-date on what everyone is working on, tag comments, export files, assign tasks, and track past versions. Everything is saved in the browser and updated automatically, so no merge conflicts or overwrite concerns.

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About Us

Our mission is to build tools that connect human creativity with machine intelligence. We designed Facet to make visual imaging more collaborative, accessible, and intuitive.

Founded in 2017 at South Park Commons, Facet is based in SoMa, San Francisco.

Joe Reisigner CEO

Joe is an engineer exploring the intersection of AI + creativity. He holds a Ph.D. in machine learning from UT Austin, co-founded Premise, and worked at Google Research.

Matt Stanton CTO

Matt has a Ph.D. in computer graphics from Carnegie Mellon and melds math with imaging. He worked at Pixar and Adobe, cofounded Kinema, and led engineering at Operator.

Sophie Xie Principal Designer

Sophie is a product designer who has created digital products for companies like Facebook, Messenger, ClassDojo, Lookout, and Microsoft Research.

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