Edit content, not pixels

Accelerate your image editing workflow with automatic layering. Facet understands how to mask everything from clothing, hair, and skin tones to textures and quarter-tone luminance ranges, freeing you up to focus on big picture concepts, instead of pixel-level edits.

Aesthetic Transfer

“What if this looked like that?”

Facet works the way you think. Transfer color, texture, and style directly from your visual inspiration. The lighting, color palettes, and mood automatically match. Explore the spectrum of possibilities.

Batch Editing

Scale your visual style

Balance and unify your images all at once. Facet maps your selections across all your images. This way, your edits are instantly multiplied across a collection.

Modern Collaboration

Share your workspace

Open up the creative process and invite feedback. Share drafts with your Facet URL. Then, annotate and mark up images—together with your teammates—in real time. 

Facet is magic. It is completely intuitive, like a virtual creative assistant that can read your mind.

I was able to incorporate Facet into my works with how easily it makes masking of images, being able to quickly adapt it into part of my workflow made it so much efficient. My favourite thing about using Facet is the more you use it, the better it works for you.

I always try to use less software when processing my photos, because it takes a lot of time, but using facet showed me vice versa. I love how fast artists can work in Facet. Its interface is very familiar and natural for me as well. Retouching is faster, easier, and creative. You get really perfect results in the end. I think Facet is the future app for artists.

I believe that the next generation of image editing will be shared between AI and users—and that will accelerate content production beyond anything we’ve seen to date.

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