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Facet is the first AI-powered image editor, empowering artists to do what they do best: create.

Color Match

Makiyo Lio & @meowiie

Adjust palette

Wenxi Lyu

Wenxi Lyu - BEFORE

Lily Kenyi

Correct color from film

Heran Soun x Jamie Stenger

Adjust color

Gabriella Achadinha

Gabriella Achadinha - Buzludzha - AFTER

Transfer styles


Add gradients

Simone Hutsch

Transform Background

Serpentes Magic Theatre

Batch edit

Leonie Maya Isaac

Define cyberpunk styles

Yassen Grigorov

Perfect tone curves

Neil Burnell

Batch Edit

Lily Kenyi

Create textures

Giri Balasubramanian

Girivarshan Balasubramanian - after

Balance Light & Color

Lily Kenyi

Match colors

Monika Sed

Batch Edit

Lily Kenyi

Dominique Pitts

Grade Colors

Makiyo Lio

Sonia Teruel

Pesce Huang

Brighten skintones

Giorgi Meurmishvili

Transfer styles

Isabella Vella

Desaturate hues

Kenyatta Crisp

Replace background

Amina El Kabbany "The Caffeinist"

Amina El Kabbany
by Amina El Kabbany

Pro-grade, AI-powered image editing

Facet automates the most repetitive parts of your workflow, so you can focus on bringing your imagination to life.

  • Automasking

    Edit smarter, not harder

    Edit intuitively with Facet’s auto-mask tool. Need to make adjustments to people, backgrounds, clothing, hair, objects, and more? Facet automatically identifies, isolates, and selects content for you—whether you have one image or a thousand, no lasso tool required. Just like you, our editor thinks in content, not pixels.

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  • Batch Editing

    Scale with space

    Our infinite canvas allows you to upload and edit unlimited images, making it easier than ever to create at scale. Quickly achieve a cohesive look by instantly applying edits and adjustments to all or a selected group of images in your project. When you edit one image, you have the power to edit them all.

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  • Multiplayer

    Real-time collaboration

    Edit, comment, and co-create in real-time with Facet’s multiplayer functionality. Our web-based editor helps connect everyone on your team to the creative process no matter where they are, streamlining the feedback and iteration process.

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AI-powered creation

Facet can identify and automask 1000s of unique objects in your images. Less tedium than ever. Think in content, not pixels.

Tell stories at scale

Facet's content-aware batch editing makes it as easy to edit 50 images as it is to edit one. Edit multiple images simultaneously. Quickly explore visual styles and apply them to your entire photoshoot. Complete control at your fingertips.

Search intuitively

Facet's built-in contextual search will intuitively provide suggested edits. Need to increase the exposure on just your foreground? No problem, you search and we'll find.

Join the Facet community

Relive and remix Facet sessions from creative pros around the world. Explore and refine your process together with the Facet community.

Get inspired

Search through thousands of ready-made community styles and reusable layers on and in the Explore tab of the Facet app. Tried and true styles that you can apply to any project—or remix and make your own. Never start with an empty slate.

Share your style

Have a set of edits you like and want share with your team or collaborators? Share reusable custom styles through private links or publish them to the Facet community on and the in-app Explore tab. Get inspired, and inspire others along the way with styles.

Unsplash+ x Facet

Check out the Unsplash+ x Facet collaboration, where four of our Facet artists created their own brand new image collections. Styles used for these collections are now available to the Facet community, so whether your focus is on product photography, architecture, portraits, or more, you’ll be able to find a style you want to riff on.

Facet Labs

The Facet team is constantly experimenting with emerging technologies, and we're excited to announce a space where you can be a part of that process. If you’re interested in our next-gen products, sign up for Facet Labs early access.


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