The Facet team has been heads down all summer long putting the finishing touches on some deeply foundational pro features: 16-bit depth fully nondestructive editing end-to-end, RAW and HEIC file support, healing brush, and clone stamp — plus tons of deep improvements to our core rendering and compositing machinery. The Facet editor is now up to 200% faster in common cases and substantially faster for multiple images on canvas.

We’re also announcing our API developer fellowship: want to build on top of our content-aware API and browser-based photo editor? We’re offering a small number of fellowships for graphics engineers, web developers, creative coders and tinkerers.

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Native 16-bit depth

Today we are excited to announce that we now support full 16-bit editing end-to-end, including loading the most common RAW file formats like DNG, CR2/3, ARW, NEF, REF and HEIC/HEIF covering thousands of the most popular cameras (learn more here).

Since day one, the Facet editor has used high bit depth for editing operations, storing residual pixels to carefully eke out the most tonal range possible — but RAW file support extends the full power of our non-destructive editing directly to the world of RAW imagery. You can now preserve dynamic range while using all the Facet tools you have come to love: AI color grading, automasking, clarity control and dehazing.

Get the highest quality output and capture as much detail as possible; log the subtleties of shadows, registering the warm and cool tones in blacks; preserve the nuances in a field of green grass, bursting with emerald, lime, viridian — every shade of green imaginable.

Try 16-bit editing in Facet today.

Healing brush and clone stamp

Much storied, always controversial, but impossible to avoid, Facet now has added first-class Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tools to our retouching arsenal!

Need to quickly remove small blemishes like lens dust or replace large distracting areas of the image? Try Facet’s new healing brush. Need to copy objects from one region to another to create compelling compositions? Try out the clone stamp tool.

Get started with pixel-perfect professional retouching in the Facet editor.

Developer platform fellowship

As part of our upcoming developer platform preview, we’re launching a new fellowship program for engineers, AI artists, and graphics developers. Be the first to try out our new developer platform and help shape the future of AI-assistive photorealistic editing. You’ll get access to our underlying render graph primitives, including the ability to write shaders in GLSL that can manipulate content-tagged pixels.

You’ll also get to work directly with Facet engineers, AI specialists and product designers on new features and have a direct say in how we open the platform up to tens of thousands of creatives all around the world.

This is a paid fellowship and we encourage developers of all experience levels and backgrounds to apply.

We feel strongly about making Facet as accessible as possible — that’s why we built it on open web standards, and that’s why we make every effort to hire in a way that helps us consciously build tools for people who are not like us.

Apply today and get the inside track on details.

From our blog

What are Facet patterns: “We felt photo editing tools should do more, and should make it easy to edit 100s or 1000s of photos, not just barely tolerable.”

How does Facet stack up vs Photoshop: “If you’re like most creators, you’ve been using Photoshop and Lightroom for years. And with good reason, they’ve been the best programs on the market. But they’re also designed to mimic analog processes, not to make the most of recent advances in tech, like AI. This is where Facet comes in. We’re designing Facet digital-first and AI-native, a.k.a. for the future of image processing. Of course, this means we are web-based, so collaboration is easy and cloud storage is automatically built in.”

Building on open-web standards: “Our desire to humanize and simplify the photo editing process isn’t just about the tools we’ve built, like automasking and AI-powered color matching. It’s inherent to the platform itself. From day one, we’ve focused on building a platform that’s human-centric and accessible to all, starting with our decision to be a web-based app.”

AI-powered color-grading: “Color Match is an AI-powered tool that lets you easily adjust the look and feel of your images. Upload an inspiring photo or a work from your favorite artist and let our AI give you a leg up in developing a polished interpretation of the presets. Rinse and repeat, adjusting the outcome to suit your artistic vision.”

Monika Sed・Los Angeles, CA・#madewithfacet

Facet hiring & referral bonus

We are growing the team at Facet. If you are interested in any of the roles below, or just in AI / photorealistic rendering, please reach out! We’re offering a $5000 referral bonus for hires (cash or equity).

Product Designer: Work with our design team and a panel of amazing power users: creators, artists and product experts on making AI more intuitive and legible. Completely unnecessary bit: please apply if you know how to tame chonky Figma files.

Community & Growth Lead: Any level, role still very tbd, but work directly with Joe and the Facet marketing team on developing our nascent community and managing creator & developer outreach. Facet is going fully realtime collaborative and we have a ton of ideas for mind-blowing streaming events. Check out!

Software Engineer(s): Choose your own adventure: Frontend/Product, Backend, Graphics & Computer Vision. Build core product features / workflows and help us make working with AI more legible and intuitive for 1000s of professional creatives. Remember: creative work == “creative” API usage patterns. (stack notes: typescript/wasm/webgl/rust/pytorch/tensorflow).

URM? Nontraditional background? Don’t think your resume “fits in”? Then *please* apply. We’re consciously building products for people who may not like us and we want you on board.

Reach out to us at