We are a collective of artists and engineers, aiming to redefine and humanize the creative process.

Our Team


Joe Reisinger

Joe is an engineer exploring the intersection of AI + creativity. He holds a Ph.D. in machine learning from UT Austin, co-founded Premise, and worked at Google Research.


Matt Stanton

Matt has a Ph.D. in computer graphics from Carnegie Mellon and melds math with imaging. He worked at Pixar and Adobe, cofounded Kinema, and led engineering at Operator.

Principal Designer

Sophie Xie

Sophie is a product designer who has created digital products for companies like Facebook, Messenger, ClassDojo, Lookout, and Microsoft Research.

Frontend & UX Engineer

Kyle Schaeffer

Kyle finds engineering to be an ideal medium in which elements of both art and technology can collide. He previously worked as an educational instructor and cofounder of Spiritous.

Principal Software Engineer

Andrés Fortier

Andy is always looking for elegant solutions to hard problems. In the past, he's spent his time teaching and performing research in different universities and later worked with all sorts of robotic systems at Ekumen.

Frontend Engineer

McKayla Washburn

McKayla majored in Computer Science at Utah Valley University and has always loved the creativity and expression that technology can enable. Also dogs.

Community Lead

Megan Parker

Megan is a community builder living between the worlds of technology and personal development. She previously cofounded San Francisco's first meditation studio, WITHIN Meditation, and worked at growing startups like Dropbox and Torch.

Chief Floof

Wolf Girl

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Joe Reisinger

💎 Draft, meant drift, meant / scheme, meant sketch.

Are you an artist, designer, creative professional or freelancer? Send us a link to your portfolio and we will fast track you for access over the next few weeks.

Joe Reisinger

Facet call for artists

Facet is commissioning digital artists to create new works with our AI-powered image editor. We’re offering $500 grants for work incorporating Facet in some way. Selected artists will be showcased on our community website.

Joe Reisinger

Soft Automata

Code is a powerful abstraction due to its dual nature: both machine executable and human readable. It bridges the divide between two worlds: relentless, automated execution of billions of operations per second and squishy, intuitive, provocatively clever human minds.

“Vertical Change”, Bjorn Copeland

Joe Reisinger

Creative tools in the post-“deep fakes” world

Even if all research progress on AI stalled tomorrow, we would still have more than enough kinetic energy locked up in existing models, approaches and data to power a second renaissance in the visual arts.

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