Facet call for artists

Facet is commissioning artists and visual storytellers to create new digital works with our AI-powered image editor. We're offering $500 grants for select works that incorporate Facet at any stage of the process.

Bring your vision to life with Facet and join a community to share your work. 

Working together with AI

Facet is the first fully content-aware image editor and is built from first-principles to understand your content the same way you do. Iterate and experiment effortlessly with an AI that learns your style preferences and handles repetitive tasks and allows you to see farther, faster. Core Facet features include:

  • One-click auto-masking and auto-layering

  • Content-aware batch editing

  • Color grading and style transfer by example

Why you, why now

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, visual artist or retoucher—we want you to apply. We’re looking for creatives of all stripes to try Facet, provide feedback, and share their work and process with us. 

We’re still in closed beta, so this is a special opportunity to jump the queue for Early Access and help shape the future of image editing.

Our ask: tell your story

We are commissioning digital works that incorporate Facet in some way. Although we’re an image editor at our core, digital art is inherently a rich intersectional medium and we’re open to submissions of all forms and formats.

Creatives today use Facet for fashion and architectural photography, mixed-media collages, high-impact / punchy animations, recoloring phytograms and blending oil painting with photography. Common professional use-cases of Facet include editing large collections of images in batch, precisely match colors and styles across images, and creating open-ended content-aware filters.

In addition to professional photographers, retouchers and artists, we specifically encourage students and members of under-represented groups to apply. We’re looking for visual stories that are evocative and innovative—not just resumes.

What you get

Selected artists will receive complimentary early access to Facet for one year and a $500 honorarium.You’ll also have access to our nascent creative community: like-minded folks who are passionate about their work and helping to shape Facet into their dream editor. Your work may also be featured on our website and other digital properties, with full attribution and link to your personal website or social media handle.

What we get

Our mission is to help a new generation of artists explore new vectors of expression as they work in concert with the state-of-the-art in generative AI. Facet allows artists to experiment and iterate through creative spaces faster and more seamlessly than previously possible.

But we need you! Insights from your unique process and vision help us build the best possible tools powering the next generation of creative expression.

How it works

  1. Apply now: Just fill out this form.

  2. Try out Facet: After reviewing your application, we’ll send you a personalized registration link which can be used for early access to Facet at no charge. We want to give you a chance to try out Facet before submit your concept proposal.

  3. Concept proposal: Once you've had a chance to try the product, send us a short concept proposal outlining what you want to create, the story behind it, and how you will incorporate Facet into your process. 

  4. Selection: Our creative team will select artists based on potential for the proposed work to be evocative and innovative—and creative in the ways Facet is used. 

The fine print

Details if you are selected and confirmed.

  • Community: We’ll send you an invite to our Slack channel for you to meet the Facet team and other grantees. You can ask product questions and discuss ideas here.

  • Licensing: All final works submitted as a part of this project will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY-4.0).

  • Payment: We’ll remit full payment once your work is completed.

About Facet

Facet powers visual storytelling at scale through creative and supportive AI. We are a collective of artists and engineers, aiming to redefine and humanize the creative process. 

Our thesis is simple: While media becomes increasingly personalized and topical, the process of creating art remains frustratingly manual. We use machine intelligence to amplify human creativity, allowing artists, designers, and creatives of every stripe to take control of their process and focus on exploration and art direction.

We have just launched our first product, a web-based ML-powered image editor, into private beta, and we're expanding our founding team in San Francisco. Facet is backed by Accel Partners, Slow Ventures, Basis Set Ventures, South Park Commons, and a diverse group of designers, product thinkers, as well as AI engineers from Google Brain and Salesforce.

Request a product invite

Access to our product is currently limited. You will receive a complimentary login to Facet as part of your application. However, if you are not yet ready to apply, you can still sign up for Facet's Early Access program. Just give us your email here.