Call for Artists

Facet is offering $500 grants to creatives around the world.

Over 200 grants funded to date! Apply below and bring your imagination to life.

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We're casting a wide net for visual stories that are evocative and innovative. Incorporate Facet's rich tool set to help carry out your creative vision and apply today.

Be inspired

Our AI-supported tools takes the pain points out of image creation so that you can bring your imagination to reality faster than ever. Need inspiration? Check out the work of our previous #madewithfacet grantees.

For all artists

We encourage students and members of under-represented groups to apply. We have previously awarded grants to both early- and mid-career artists.

CFA 1.0 artist
CFA 1.0 artist
CFA 1.0 artist

Left to right: Lily Kenyi, Clara Beatriz, Anna Dora Lascik

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CFA 1.0 Artist
CFA 1.0 Artist
CFA 1.0 Artist

Left to right: Lily Kenyi, Eric Ananmalay, Gabriella Achandinha

Grant Category

AI Art


  • $500 honorarium

  • Free access to Facet Pro

  • Early access to Facet beta AI tools


  1. Curate a collection of 30-50 images with a consistent visual style or aesthetic.

  2. Create a custom ML model using Facet Refine that can be shared publicly to the Facet community, who can then use your model to generate their own images in that aesthetic.

Application Process

  1. Register for a free account using

  2. Submit an application with portfolio work and a proposal for what aesthetic you'd like to train a ML model on.

  3. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Facet creative team. If selected, you will be notified via email.

*All grant work will be licensed under our Terms of Use

*Facet will have rights to use your images with attribution for marketing purposes. 

*Facet will rights to create derivative works and to train additional ML models using your images.

Images generated by Effie Jia using Facet Refine