Create, automate and collaborate—in one place.


Get smart layers

Facet creates smart layers from your images. These layers are supercharged with semantics, so retouching is powerful. You can click and style anything, all without drawing masks.

Apply styles with balance

Match styles, merge creative directions, or explore versions. Facet understands the latent styles in your image. So you can apply inspirational aesthetics, all while preserving nuance in elements like skin tone and hair color.

Clarissa Carbungco

Ideate with pro-grade tools

Create your defining images with Facet’s comprehensive, advanced retouching tools. You can perfect the lighting, mood, content, layout, curves, palette, textures, filter effects, and so much more. Finely control how your creative vision unfolds.


Multiply your vision

Define the look and feel of one image, and then let Facet intelligently tailor all other images accordingly. Eliminate repetitive manual edits with easy batch editing.

Unify a collection

Facet identifies common content across images, so you can edit them altogether. Instantly produce balanced and consistent results across a set of images. Tell cohesive stories through editorial layouts, product photography, and branded portfolios.

Explore non-destructively

Continuously explore new paths in Facet. You can retrace steps if you need to. Facet creates branches with your revisions, so you can recover past ideas. You can also co-edit without merge conflicts or overwrite concerns.


Co-create in a modern studio

Facet’s browser-based UI means you can create from anywhere on any platform—no download required. All your work is saved securely in the cloud in real time. And sharing previews is as easy as copying and pasting a link.

Flow into any platform

Publish and share your Facet project with just a link as an API endpoint. You can integrate with platforms for file sharing, content management, digital asset management, ad servers, and social media. Whether in draft or final form, your images can seamlessly connect into your existing workflows.

Content and context, together

Streamlined collaboration allows the very best concepts to surface. You can mark up comps and drafts, give feedback immediately, and request revisions—all within Facet. Now, invite teammates to preview the vision at a far earlier stage.