Meet Facet

AI-native, collaborative image editing

Facet’s AI-native, collaborative image editing supports every creative process—from exploration, to polish—whether you’re working alone on a single work of art, or collaboratively on a massive brand campaign.

Makiyo Lio


Create and discover new styles

Fully Non-destructive

Reuse edits from one project to another project, image subject, or layer. Simply copy and paste to multiply your vision.

Community Layer Styles

Browse and apply visual inspiration from our community. Our in-app Explore tab and Facet Community bring pros and content together.

AI Presets

Recreate color and texture from reference images with Color Match and Style Transfer. Our AI learns the style of that reference image, and applies it to your project while giving you control to edit further.


Edit at scale

Batch Editing

Enjoy complete control when editing multiple images simultaneously. Batch Edit gives you the ability to edit Layer Styles across all images within a project - or just the images you select.

Projects Library

Source and remix content from your own library and shared libraries. Your images are in one convenient place online where you can organize them by projects and tag them with stars and custom labels. 


Quickly explore visual directions - then save different versions all within the same file. All versions can be custom named, so you can quickly toggle between and remix version layer styles until you get the perfect one.


Collaborate across projects


Share a work-in-progress—or final draft—with just a link. Every project is an API endpoint, so you can integrate with platforms for file sharing, content management, digital asset management, ad servers, and social media.


Give and get feedback directly in the project. Mark up drafts and request and review revisions - all within Facet.

Real time co-editing

Edit projects with your teammates in real-time. Conflicted copies or out-of-date versions are a thing of the past. Everyone stays in sync as projects progress.

Mia Sakai

Get smart layers

Facet creates smart layers from your images. These layers are supercharged with semantics, so retouching is powerful. You can click and style anything, all without drawing masks.

What if this looked like that?

Facet works the way you think. Transfer color, texture, and style directly from your visual inspiration. The lighting, color palettes, and mood automatically match. Explore the spectrum of possibilities.

Multiply your vision

Define the look and feel of one image, and then let Facet intelligently tailor all other images accordingly. Eliminate repetitive manual edits with easy batch editing.

Flow into any platform

Publish and share your Facet project with just a link as an API endpoint. You can integrate with platforms for file sharing, content management, digital asset management, ad servers, and social media. Whether in draft or final form, your images can seamlessly connect into your existing workflows.

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Get started now

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