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Transform colors with Adjust Palette

White Pebbles

Kristina Varaksina
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Notable photographer Kristina Varaksina self-shot this in the south coast of England, using herself as a model due to social distancing precautions during the coronavirus pandemic. Varaksina wanted to create a surreal, otherworldly effect in “White Pebbles”. She ultimately achieved that in Facet with Adjust Palette edits to the background while enhancing skin tone with Facet’s Style Transfer and Curves features. Varaksina shares that this project's aim is to explore a connection between inner self and outside world, a human body and nature. Sometimes your body is present in one place and your mind is somewhere far away on a distant planet, and this is how these two worlds can be expressed through a single image.” Get to know Varaksina from our interview with her.

Note: The artist applied a Style Transfer to this pattern. The demo for this specific feature is currently only available to registered Facet users. So, create an account (it's free for your first week!) or sign in.

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White Pebbles