Collage multiple images into a singular vision with Facet Artboards

From marketing banners to artistic expressions — create whatever you can imagine with Facet Artboards. Our new, supercharged workspace lets you collage images together without worrying about cropping, file size, or the lasso tool.

Getting Set Up

Get Set Up

Seamlessly batch upload images into your Facet library. Then create a new Project to organize your creative workflow.

Sunset sky with stars
Clouds in the sky



Our automasking tool lets you collage with ease by automatically creating intuitive masks (like sky, foreground, or hair). Select relevant masks - or create new ones - so you can control the look of each layer. Automasks also mean you can also remove the background or replace the sky in a flash.

Match Color


Collage colors not looking quite right? Simply select a reference image and apply ColorMatch to unify the colors and lighting across your image components. Tweak the results to your satisfaction and you’re ready to go.

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The menu for Facet being used to edit multiple photos by one user.