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Replace backgrounds and relight foregrounds

FKA Twigs: Magdalene Tour

The Caffeinist - Amina El Kabbany
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Shooting musical icon FKA twigs was a sublime experience for Oakland-based artist Amina El Kabbany AKA The Caffeinist. “The hair all over my body stood up as I held my breath, mouth wide open in awe of the pure artistry FKA twigs brings forth to share with the world….she allowed herself to be a mirror for us all, to look into and examine the heartbreaks we share--how they unravel us as we are forced to find new ways to fill the gaping spaces that remain in our hearts,” says The Caffeinist.

To reimagine her own original photographs of FKA twigs, The Caffeinist turned to Facet’s Automasking and Background Replacement tools. It was effortless to select the image foreground and replace the background with her favorite travel images of a lush Hawaiian monstera plant and Mt. Shasta. “FKA twigs's expression in this image led me to want to create a juxtaposition with the natural world that would contrast her theatrical presence, making the notion that, even in our performance, we have derived so much from nature,” says The Caffeinist.

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FKA Twigs: Magdalene Tour
FKA Twigs: Magdalene Tour