Batch edit architectural renderings to test building materials -

Batch edit architectural renderings to test building materials

Architectural Visualizations

Anna Nikaki
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What would building concepts look like, when made of concrete versus wood, versus red marble? All this can be easily modeled in Facet’s AI-driven batch editing tool. Architecture graduate student, Anna Nikaki, experimented with various materials on three types of buildings, including a parametric music hall. These models helped to envision the possibilities for Nikaki. She first set a desired background, and applied her materials on to an automasked (thanks to Facet’s content-aware technology) layer of the building. Any edits she made were applied to that same object layer across multiple images--even though those object layers of the buildings were shown at different angles. That is how batch editing works in Facet. If you’ve got to see it to believe it, open up Nikaki’s pattern and you’ll see what we mean. 

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Architectural Visualizations