Custom Models in Facet

Madeline Hsia
Nov 17, 2023
2 minute read

New feature in Facet to tune AI image generators to your exact product or aesthetic.

Art direct a custom AI right on Facet canvas

Customizing your own AI has never been easier with our Custom Model feature. Upload a set of photos in the Custom Model tool or right click from selected photos on canvas (we recommend 10-20 images to start).   

Unlock new visual directions while preserving your specific product or aesthetic — train a custom model on an object and place it in a new setting, transform it into something else, or train a custom model on a style and apply the style across infinite subjects ✨

Experiment with combining custom models and adjusting strength

Add custom models to your prompt from the “Add component” button. Try multi-selecting custom models to see how they interact with each other. We also have a few fun ones in the community library ready to use!

Training images are collages by Mark Vargo

The canvas is your oyster

Custom models are powerful whether you want the AI to learn a specific product, design style, or even photography technique. More advanced controls to come 👀