Collaborate with our new commenting feature

Facet Team
Apr 7, 2021
2 minute read

Great creative work rarely happens alone. Yet with more and more work done digitally from our home offices, it’s an uphill battle to seek new points of view, gather feedback, and get sign off on your creative work - especially with clunky tools for collaboration. And so we are excited to announce the launch of a new on-canvas commenting feature in Facet - to bring the spirit of casual yet effective in-person collaborations into your Facet workspace. With this feature, Facet users can now attach comments to images and regions of those images.

Creative work often starts with the individual - from brainstorming to moodboards to test shots - but is brought to life through collaboration. And yet, creating in a vacuum (especially in the context of shelter in place orders) can leave us feeling isolated and creatively drained. Facet’s new commenting tool puts you back in your creative community - minus the clunky download-to-comment-to-upload workflow.

Call on your creative community

Facet now lets you bring collaborators and trusted creative peers where the work happens: inside the editor itself. Facet commenting helps you get on the same page (or in our case, get on the same Facet pattern), with threaded conversations embedded within the work. New comment pins let you leave comments directly on the image so you can be specific about what set of pixels, region, or subject you are referencing. When a reviewer says to “make that part moodier,” you’ll know exactly which part of the image they’re referring to. And now, instead of exporting image files and attaching them to emails accompanied with long notes, you can share your Facet pattern link and annotate directly on the image.

Push your project to publication - faster

Comments placed through dropped pins make it easy to tweak images and be clear about next steps for making your images richer and ready for publication. Comments also ensure seamless launches by giving you multiple eyes on the project to help catch critical details - like a collaborator who adds a comment, “hey you forgot to blur out these hair wisps at the neck.”

Once you’ve made your edits, get approval from clients and creative directors or friends . Send in your revisions paired with comments to point out each edit you made to address previous concerns. See how much faster you’ll get that thumbs up when you use comments.

Whether you’re an artist working on a solo project or a creative professional launching a team initiative, Facet commenting tools give you streamlined access to energizing insights from your creative team. Make your images stronger and save time by collating feedback into your Facet pattern - so you can work alongside other great creative minds from inside your creative tools.

Check out the commenting feature today and snag a custom domain name for yourself or your team (i.e., and with a Facet membership.

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