Colorful Intentions

Facet Team
Apr 29, 2021
2 minute read

How many cumulative hours have you spent making the perfect presets for photos? 100? 1,000? Don’t even want to estimate because the number is painfully large? Well, good news for you: adjusting the look and feel of your photos just got way easier, quicker, and more intuitive.

Meet the new Color Match on Facet - a feature that will wow any photographer who’s ever looked at image inspiration and thought, “I want my work to look like that” (a.k.a. everyone). Here’s how it works. First you upload an inspiration image. Yep, nothing new here. Then, you have two modes to choose from. You can choose ‘Artistic’ to mimic the colors of the inspiration photo or ‘AI Preset’ to have Facet’s AI learn the presets directly from the image content.

Artistic Mode: Paint Colors Across Images

With the Artistic option, Facet will transfer the colors in an uploaded image onto your photo. Let’s say you’ve uploaded a photo of an Yves Klein work hung on a museum wall. The dominant colors of that unearthly cobalt-cerulean and that crisp wall white would be applied to your photo. A face in your image may take on a ghostly white cast, while the background would be inked an electric shade of blue. The overall effect will be a stylized photograph that’s pleasing to the artistic eye.

AI Preset: Uncover Original Intent

Now, let’s look at the AI Preset option. With this tool, you’ll be able to perfectly capture the look, feel, and ambiance of the uploaded image. Our AI reads whatever adjustments a photographer used to create the image, meaning we can understand the intent of the photographer. AI Preset then creates a preset for you based on that original intent, the maker's presets. Say you uploaded a photo with a frosty, wintery feel, or one with a moody, chiaroscuro ambiance; Facet lets you mimic those looks with the click of a button - and apply your new preset to other photos as well. The effect is subtle, astounding, and impeccably photographic.

Of course, with both of these methods you have the option to further fine tune the parameters of your preset and the look of your photo, but happily, the majority—if not the entirety—of the work will already be done for you, saving your time and hassle.

In reinventing what’s historically been a time-consuming, clunky process, Facet frees you up to explore. Instead of inching towards your vision in a slow, step-by-step manner, you’ll be able to quickly test visual directions for your photos. It won’t take ages to find the direction that makes your work look incredible. And you won’t lose subtlety, which can be a risk with LUTs and other presets. You might even end up using a visual inspiration you never would’ve chosen if you hadn’t had the time to let your creativity roam.

But enough of us telling you why Color Match is so great. Try it out for yourself!

If you’re an existing user, just log into your Facet account to get started. New to Facet? Sign up here to be at the forefront of photo editing, and get your first week free with 50% off afterwards.

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