Image creation, reimagined

Joe Reisinger
Nov 14, 2022
3 minute read

Today we’re excited to announce Facet 2.0, our best and most ambitious release yet. We've streamlined every aspect of Facet to make your image editing experience faster and more fluent than ever. And we've opened up Facet to everyone - no waitlist, no credit card, no roadblocks.

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Facet 2.0

We’ve rebuilt the Facet studio experience from the ground up, starting by removing the waitlist and opening up Facet to everyone.

Edit smarter, not harder with Facet's AI-powered auto-masking.

Better edits are just a search away. We're launching smarter, quicker and more contextual image segmentation, an improved multi-image editing experience, and a redesigned editing workflow and UI. From effortless auto-masking to our new search toolbar, Facet stays out of your way so you can create as fast as you can think.

One set of edits to rule them all. When you edit one image, you have the power to edit them all with Facet's smart batch editing.

Working on a deadline? Go faster, together. Build your edits using new community styles on and in the Explore tab of the Facet app. With a large library of styles from professional artists around the world, there's something to inspire any creative. And, when you create something incredible, you can submit your own styles to be featured on and the in-app “Explore” tool.

Quickly experiment with ready-made styles to jump start your creative vision.

Working with a team? Just share your project link and you're ready to edit, comment, and co-create in real-time with Facet multiplayer.

Our web-based editor helps connect everyone on your team, streamlining the collaboration and feedback process.

Ready to get started? Anyone can sign up for the free Facet Starter plan. Or, if you're a student or educator, you can get free access to our Facet Pro plan—with unlimited projects, versions and galleries—with your academic email.

Anyone can sign up for a free Facet Starter plan (bonus: students and educators can get free access to Facet Pro)

Get started with Facet today for free.

Prompt, prompter,

In October we launched, the newest member of the Facet family of image creation tools, and the fastest way to get started with generative art.

Use for collaborative collaging, fully generative moodboarding, creating stickers, or exploring the uncharted corners of latent space with friends. Or if you’re interested in trying out more of these emerging technologies, read on to learn about Facet Labs, and sign up for our Facet Labs waitlist to experiment with other next-gen AI tools.

Try out, image generation powered by Facet's deep rendering engine.

Bonus Launch: Introducing Facet Labs

Since day 1, the team at Facet has been constantly experimenting with emerging technologies, and today we're excited to announce a space where you can be a part of that process.

Generative AI is already becoming an integral part of the artist's toolset and we believe this trend will only accelerate as billions of creators around the world band together to explore the latent space. If you’re interested in getting a preview of our next-gen products, sign up for Facet Labs early access.

Sign up for Facet Labs, our playground for experimenting with emerging technologies.

Explore our new features and get started with Facet for free. And don't forget to try out and sign up for the Facet Labs waitlist.