Facet call for artists

Joe Reisinger
Apr 7, 2020
2 minute read

Facet is commissioning digital artists to create new works with our AI-powered image editor. We’re offering $500 grants for work incorporating Facet in some way. Selected artists will be showcased on our community website.

Apply now.

Why now?

Creators have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve all heard stories of friends and colleagues out of work or otherwise unable to practice their craft.

At Facet, we’re a new, small company with limited resources, but we want to help out where we can. We are a collective of artists and engineers, aiming to redefine and humanize the creative process. We’re building a content-aware image editing platform that celebrates visual storytelling and collaboration.

We’re not quite ready to take the wraps off the product officially yet, but if you’re willing to try something new, rough edges and all, we’d love a chance to partner with you. We are commissioning digital works that incorporate Facet in some way — check out the full terms of our call for artists here.

Why me?

Although we’re an image editor at our core, digital art is inherently a new interstitial medium and we’re calling for submissions of all forms. Creatives today use Facet to edit large collections of source images in batch, precisely match colors and styles across images, and to create open-ended content-aware filters.

In addition to professional photographers, retouchers and artists, we specifically encourage students and members of under-represented groups to apply. We’re looking for visual stories that are evocative and innovative — and inspired by Facet’s technology.

Tell your story

New tools can be powerful catalysts for new forms of creation. We encourage artists to continue experimenting with their craft, incorporating Facet in novel ways. Perhaps the resulting visual stories help satiate a hunger for meaning during these tough times. And even more, they could have the power to connect the creative community.

So, tell your story. We want to hear it.

Apply now to create commissions with Facet.

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Sign up for our preview release at https://facet.ai

Also, Facet is hiring! So don’t hesitate to drop us an email hi@facet.ai.