More like this, less like that

Effie Jia
Sep 13, 2023
1 minute read

Introducing our new convergence features and a slick new smart suggestions tool.


More like this

Quickly explore variations of a concept direction! Just hover over an image you like in your feed, click on the “more like this” button, and within seconds you’ll have a set of new, similar generations.


Smart suggestions

Never experience writer’s block again with our new smart suggestions feature! Whenever you get stuck or want some inspiration, just type ‘/’ into the prompt box and we’ll provide you with suggestions that are based on what you’ve already written.

Inspect and load prompts

Curious about what prompt was used to generate a previous image? Click into the image from your feed and see all the nitty gritty details. If you want to generate more images using that prompt, just hit the “load prompt” button to send all the details into your generation panel.