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Joe Reisinger
Nov 11, 2020
4 minute read

Dear Facet Community,

With the launch of Facet Galleries in September we're seeing a huge influx of new users who are on the platform every day but never even touch the editor—creative directors, brand managers, even PMs and engineers. Welcome! We've got an overhaul of our commenting and markup system coming soon, along with new features you've been asking for: selects, contact sheets, and snapshot comps (as a reminder to those with Facet access, you can invite collaborators via the Share dialog and they will be given instant access!).

“A job that could take hours ended up being a one click thing and I could concentrate on the bigger picture without getting lost in details. Facet can be a life saver for more traditional art directors.” — Anna-Dora Lascsik

We're also excited to be rolling out our API product to more customers, realizing our dream to be the first creator-driven, API-scale editing platform. Interested in trying out API access? Get in touch with us at create@facet.ai.

'Luminous Horrors' Series for Polyesterzine / Bảo Ngô / Brooklyn, New York

Facet Specs #3: Bảo Ngô and the rise of retro-digital

In this month's installment of the Facet Specs series, our lead designer Sophie Xie interviews the Brooklyn-based digicam artist Bảo Ngô. They discuss photography in the era of COVID-19, the end of Instagram, shooting slowly and what we can learn from early-2000s digicams.

"Shooting with digicams has really wired my brain in a different way…it’s more restrictive. So…if I can nail it there, I can really get it with any other device."

Bảo maintains that the overall process of photography, in its broadest form, continues to drive the process. “I have quite a short attention span, so for me, when I see a photo, it either captures my attention or it doesn’t. If I’m fascinated by it, I can look at it for as long as I want, I can interpret it the way I want. I like the vagueness of photography, I like mystery. If you’re writing, you take what’s in your head and you put it on the page, you tell it how it is. But with photography, you have to make it happen. That’s the fun part, this idea existed in my head and now it exists in front of me”.

Read the full interview here.

Bảo Ngô: Stripping back, creating more
Popular on Tumblr as a teen, growing up in a visually hungry and art-accessible world has allowed her taste and her style to develop with eclectic influences and an affection for change.

Fluent Duotoning and Edge Refinement

This month we have new video tutorials up on our YouTube channel, covering two powerful features of Facet:

  1. Edge Refinement — How to work with Facet's automatic edge refinement toolkit, to save time when adjusting mask boundaries.
  2. Image Duotoning — How to create a quick duotone effect using Facet's "Adjust Palette" feature.

If you are interested in future tutorials, photoshop battles and live streams, be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Laura Vifer working with Facet. Check out the resulting gallery here.
Untitled by Laura Vifer

Launches and Milestones

In October we launched:

  • Snapshots — Quickly create and switch between edit branches. Want to try something wild but don't want to lose your work? Create a snapshot to persist your progress and refer back.
  • Improved Automasking — Mask boundary quality for human figures have been substantially improved in this release, especially for more complex shapes.
  • High-resolution style synthesis — Our engineering team worked closely with Cornelius Tulloch, our first Artist-in-Residence to develop novel algorithms for high resolution style and texture synthesis.

And on the way for next month: a snappier, more intuitive UI, dodge and burn, smart fill, content-aware artboards, selects, contact sheets and more!

Come work with us!

We're hiring across the board in engineering, product and design. If you or someone you know might be interested, please consider applying, especially if you have experience with webgl, wasm, pytorch, tensorflow, typescript, or rust. Learn more at facet.ai/jobs.

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Header image: Giorgi Meurmishvili