The Art of Divergence

Effie Jia
Aug 28, 2023
1 minute read

The art of divergence

Crafting art that resonates is all about finding your unique voice. Our variance controller lets you curate the divergence of your generated outputs, enabling you to explore more dimensions of your creative vision—faster.

Play around with the variance slider and let us know what you think! Zero variance will give you results that are strictly generated from your prompt, while increasing the slider will add diversity to the narrative, mood, and style of your generations.


A palette of possibilities

We made a generation feed for you! It’s a gallery of outputs from a single prompt, allowing you to easily scroll through your generations and add the ones you like to the canvas for further editing.

Don’t worry, the history tool is still there to capture all your generations ever made in the project—but with this new feature, we’re hoping you won’t need to sift through history nearly as often anymore.


A new era of prompting

Prompting, in general, kinda…sucks. It can be so difficult to describe the image in your head with just words, and we feel you.

So we've spring cleaned the prompt panel! The new design offers a simplified experience, allowing you to effortlessly convey your vision without the complicated knobs and settings. Take it easy with the prompt engineering and let our Style and Filter libraries do the heavy aesthetic lifting for you.