Why You Should Think Outside the Photoshop Box

Facet Team
Jul 21, 2021
3 minute read

Ever heard that old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, we’re here to tell you that that isn’t always true, especially when it comes to creative processes.

If you’re like most creators, you’ve been using Photoshop and Lightroom for years. And with good reason, they’ve been the best programs on the market. But they’re also designed to mimic analog processes, not to make the most of recent advances in tech, like AI.

This is where Facet comes in. We’re designing Facet digital-first and AI-native, a.k.a. for the future of image processing. Of course, this means we are web-based, so collaboration is easy and cloud storage is automatically built in.

Now, we’re not here to replace your favorite Adobe tools. Instead, we’re here to work alongside them. Our human-centric UX/UI automates editing processes where it's possible with AI (and where it's most painful for artists). After saving time with Facet’s AI, you can always export your project to a .psd and polish it to perfection.

You've never seen features like this before. With Facet, your creative process is about to feel a lot more fun. Here’s what we mean:

Lasso Tool vs. AI Auto Masking

How many hours have you spent painstakingly lassoing objects in your photos in order to make the perfect mask? Actually, don’t answer that question…it might make you cry. With Facet, the lasso tool is now a thing of the past. Our AI-powered auto masking tool does the lassoing for you. Thanks to machine learning, our platform can identify the entities and elements in your photos—foreground, background, accessories, skin tone, animals, etc.—and automatically creates masks for you. You can then use our comprehensive set of adjustment options to quickly get the look you want for each layer, or bring your Facet file back into Photoshop and adjust your auto-generated, lasso-free masks there. Save your wrist and try out auto masking today.

The New Way to Batch Edit

The PS Actions tool does its job well. So do Lightroom presets. But are they the most user-friendly of processes? If you’ve ever had to edit multiple photos from a shoot, you’ll quickly see the beauty in our batch editing tool. A faster and smoother process than Actions, Facet’s Batch Editing applies changes to all images in a set as you edit just one image. In other words, by the time you’ve finished getting the perfect look for one photo, Facet will have already applied it to all your photos. No need to click through too-many menus to make the magic happen.

You can even copy your project (all your edits and layer states, which we call a "pattern") to a different project with the click of a button. Or share it with a friend to get their creative juices flowing.

Filters vs. Color Match

Say you’ve found a photo or artwork whose vibe you really like and you want to recreate it in your own work. You could spend an afternoon tinkering with filters and adjustments for tone, exposure, hue, saturation, etc. Or, you could save yourself some trouble and use Facet’s Color Match and Style Transfer tools. To use these tools, you simply upload your inspiration image. Facet will use AI to impeccably apply the hues in that photo to your work (Color Match) or apply its ambiance and feel to your work (Style Transfer). And just like that, you’ve saved yourself countless hours.

Try It for Yourself

We could go on all day about how good Facet is (obviously), but the best proof is in the pudding. Right now we’re offering new users a free week of Facet Pro & Enterprise, followed by 50% off the regular rate. Pro & Enterprise let you snag a custom domain for yourself or your team along with your Facet membership (e.g., facet.ai/@you).

Sign up today, or if you’re an existing user, log in to put these features to use!