💎 Facet.forward 2023

Joe Reisinger
Jan 19, 2023
3 minute read

Dear Facet Community,

Welcome to 2023! If the last few months have been any indication, this year is going to be truly historic for slinging pixels. Since day one at Facet, our vision has been one of humans and AI working together as close collaborators, leveraging each other’s unique strengths to break free from the limitations of last year. The landscape for creativity has been changing rapidly and, now more than ever, we’re building Facet to empower artists from the beginning to end of their processes with the support of AI.

Thank you for being part of our journey towards the future of image creation!

A collection by Clara Beatriz for the Unsplash x Facet collaboration.

Over the past year, we opened up our free Starter plan to anyone and everyone, removing our waitlist, grew our community to over 10,000 new users, introduced artboards and new styles, released a collaboration with Unsplash, launched Facet 2.0, and explored the latent space of AI art (check out Prompt.ist!).

We’re making tools for *you* and we’ve been incredibly humbled by the support from our community of artists, who have generously shared their personal creative experiences and were open to experimenting with new technologies. We are so impressed by the variety of mediums and imaginations we saw in our Discord and the styles on facet.space.


Check out the new and improved editor! In November 2022, we launched Facet 2.0—streamlining every aspect to make your image editing experience faster and more fluent than ever. With a better segmentation model, new community styles, and an improved interface, Facet has never been more powerful or simpler to use.

Coming soon: Facet Next! Looking forward, we’re already hard at work to incorporate emerging AI/ML technologies into the creative workflow. We believe that full image generation will be an integral part of artistic practice and, in the upcoming month, will be introducing the next version of Facet—where you can (1) train ML models, (2) create generations, and (3) edit images all in one place. And of course, collaborate with friends.

We’re hiring! Want to be part of the Facet team and build the product directly? We’re creating AI tools that stand for inclusivity of all users, and we need your help! We encourage folks from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply.

Apply for an artist grant! Our grant programs are open to visual artists at all career levels. This year, we are offering three types of grants: (1) photography, (2) AI art, and (3) Unsplash-sponsored stock photography.

We’d love to hear from you about your experience with Facet and what you’d like to see from us in the future. What’s working? What could be improved? What do you wish we had? Drop me a line personally at joe@facet.ai or ping us on Twitter or Instagram.

For us, building Facet is like constructing a bridge between imagination and reality. We can’t wait to show you more of what we’ll be working on in 2023.

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💜 The Facet Team